California Pacific issues continue with further delays to 2014

California Pacific AirlinesCalifornia Pacific Airlines has been informed by the FAA that their application is being delayed until sometime in 2014 as a result of several FAA issues.

As a result, the airline has suspended operations until the FAA more clearly informs the airline of its plans. As well, the single Embraer that had been delivered to the airline has been returned to the lessor as well in order to relieve the airline of the $200,000 per month cost of having the aircraft idled while the FAA delay continues.

The airline had its application to begin service rejected, and its reapplication delayed due to sequestration this year. The FAA then denied that application before the airline resubmitted it for a third time in September 2013. The airline had indicated that it expected to begin service by the end of 2013 previous to the delays suffered.