Category: Accidents

LAM Mozambique Airlines Embraer 190 crash in Namibia

On November 29th, 2013, a LAM Mozambique Airlines Embraer 190 crashed in Namibia near the Bwabwata National Park in northern Namibia, halfway between its departure and scheduled arrival airport. All 29 passengers and six crew onboard were killed. LAM flight TM470 was a scheduled service from Maputo to Luanda and was operated by an Embraer …

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SkyWest CRJ damaged beyond repair at SGU

N865AS Destroyed - Photo Credit: The Spectrum/ Jud Burkett / AP

It has been reported through many media outlets that a SkyWest CRJ-200 has been destroyed at the St. George Municipal Airport in Utah on July 16th, 2012. The aircraft was stolen by a former SkyWest pilot who was on administrative leave from the airline and was under investigation in connection to a murder. The pilot …

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Wreckage of Sukoi Superjet found

Authorities announced this morning that the wreckage of the Sukoi Superjet lost in Indonesia has been found. A rescue team found no survivors at the crash site. A helicopter spotted debris on the side of the dormant Mount Salak volcano. Photographs from the site seem to indicate that the aircraft impacted the top of an …

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Sukhoi Superjet Demonstrator lost near Jakarta

Superjet MSN 95004

A Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 demonstrator aircraft with more than 40 people on board went missing south of Jakarta, Indonesia during a demonstration flight today. The aircraft lost was the third prototype built: MSN 95004, registration 97004, an SSJ100-95 model. The aircraft vanished from radar around the Bogor area. It was on the second of …

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