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N641CA Incident

Wing Damage to F-HPJD

At approximately 8:30 PM April 11th, 2011, CRJ 700 (MSN 10122) N641CA was exiting the active runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. It was told to hold at taxiway Mike for clearance by controllers. An Air France A380, (MSN 49) F-HPJD, was given clearance to taxi behind the waiting CRJ …

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N377SK Incident at Dubuque, Iowa

On April 3, an Embraer EMB-135KL (MSN 145579) N377SK, operating as flight CHQ 5019, sustained substantial damage when the jet bridge was blown into the side of the forward fuselage as the airplane was being pushed back for departure from the Dubuque Regional Airport (DBQ), Dubuque, Iowa. The captain, first officer, flight attendant, and 44 …

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N845AS Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5087 Birdstrike

ASA 5087 CRJ Bird Strike Damage

On April 1st, 2011 Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5087 was coming in for a landing at the Little Rock National Airport in Arkansas when the pilot made an emergency call at 4:38pm. The aircraft struck a flock of large cranes, causing significant damage.     A total of 46 passengers and 3 crew members were …

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