Tajik Air places order for Sukhoi Superjet 100

The Tajik national air carrier, Tajik Air, has announced that it intends to acquire four Sukhoi Superjet-100s (SSJ-100), assuming that needed funding for the aircraft can be obtained. The first two Superjet-100s are expected to be in service with the airline by the end of 2013.

Currently there are 200 orders for the the Superjet 100, which is widely regarded as the most important project of the Russian civilian aircraft industry in some time.

Tajik Air, also known as Tajikistan Airlines, is the national air carrier of Tajikistan.  The airline’s hub is based at Dushanbe Airport, and it operates a secondary hub at Khujand Airport as well.

Currently the airline operates a mix of Russian aircraft types including the YAK-40, Tu-154M, TU-134A, and various models of the AN-26 and AN-24 aircraft. They also operate one 757 and two Classic 737 model aircraft in their fleet.

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