Trans States Airlines ERJ-145 skids off runway at Ottawa

On September 4th, 2011 at approximately 3:30 PM local time, a Trans States Airlines ERJ-145 operating under the United Express banner attempted a landing at Ottawa International Airport.

The aircraft, ERJ-145LR (MSN 145341) N840HK, touched down successfully, but slid off the runway.

Trans States Airlines N860HK Post-Accident at Ottawa

Trans States Airlines N860HK Post-Accident at Ottawa

The aircraft was operating as flight UA3363 from Chicago to Ottawa. No one on the aircraft was injured, although the aircraft was  damaged and suffered a fuel leak. The main landing gear collapsed and punctured the underside of the wing when it did so. There was no fire.

This is the third such incident at Ottawa airport involving an ERJ-145 aircraft, all of the aircraft involved being operated by Trans States Airlines.

This accident occurred 15 months after another Trans States Airlines ERJ-145 landed long on Ottawa’s shorter runway after a flight from Washington and overran the runway by more than 150 metres. Both pilots and one of the 33 passengers suffered minor injuries and there was substantial damage to the aircraft.

According to an accident report on a 2004 runway overrun by another Trans States Embraer ERJ-145, that aircraft landed long, failed to stop and ran about 100 meters off the end of the runway. The TSB concluded the pilots approach in the rain was “high, fast, and not stabilized, resulting in the aircraft touching down almost halfway down the 8,000-foot runway.

The aircraft is being examined by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and a report on this incident is expected in the future.

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