February 27, 2012 archive

Shuttle America Embraer 170 Incident at Newark


A Shuttle America Embraer 170 operating in United Express colors, made an emergency landing at Newark Airport during the evening of February 27th, 2012. The aircraft’s nose gear would not deploy and the aircraft made a non-standard landing as a result. The airport was temporarily closed as crews responded to the landing, passengers and crew …

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Icing tests begin on Comac ARJ21 program test aircraft

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China announced that the ARJ21 regional jet program has begun icing performance tests as part of the aircraft’s ongoing certification. In a statement from Comac, as part of its first nacelle anti-icing test, Aircraft 104 departed from Xi’an Yanliang airport on February 25th, 2012 for a three hour test flight …

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