Iraqi Airways may alter future regional jet purchase plans

Reports in the media have indicated that Iraqi Airways may be considering cancelling its outstanding orders with Bombardier for the balance of its CRJ 900 options with the manufacturer. This would involve the cancellation of four aircraft still on option by the carrier.

The four aircraft were to be used in a joint-venture airline start-up with Kuwait Airways.

Iraqi Airways CRJ900

Iraqi Airways CRJ900

The airline currently operates six Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft but had been expected to exercise an option for the four aircraft to support the start-up venture. The Iraqi government advised Bombardier that it has postponed delivery until further notice.

General consensus is that the airline might be better served by operating either the Boeing 737 Max or the A320 Neo aircraft. Bombardier is assumed to be offering their C-Series aircraft to the airline to meet the new requirement.

The current CRJ-900 fleet operated by Iraqi Airways includes:

  • YI-AQA MSN 15189
  • YI-AQB MSN 15202
  • YI-AQC MSN 15213
  • YI-AQD MSN 15220
  • YI-AQE MSN 15265
  • YI-AQF MSN 15266

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