Defunct Pluna CRJs up for sale

Pluna LogoIt has been announced by the government of Uruguay, that it is planning to auction off the CRJ900s that were once operated by the county’s national airline Pluna SA. It also announced that a search is on, as an alternative option, to find a group willing to acquire the planes, hire the company’s employees and re-establish the airline.

The Uruguayan transport ministry may provide financing if jobs are saved and debts owing by the bankrupt carrier to the state are honored, according to a draft bill currently being drafted and is expected to be passed sometime this week.

Expectations are that the auction of the CRJs will be completed within sixty days.

Canadian investment group Chorus Aviation Inc. paid $15 million in 2010 for a one-third stake in the holding company that owns 75% of Pluna’s shares, with the Uruguayan government owning the remaining 25%. Pluna flew to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. It also operated flights to Spain and Miami through partnerships with Iberia and American Airlines.

The aircraft involved in this situation are thirteen CRJ-900LRs:

        • CX-CRA          MSN 15165
        • CX-CRB          MSN 15169
        • CX-CRC          MSN 15175
        • CX-CRD          MSN 15180
        • CX-CRE          MSN 15185
        • CX-CRF          MSN 15204
        • CX-CRG          MSN 15209
        • CX-CRH          MSN 15233
        • CX-CRI          MSN 15234
        • CX-CRK          MSN 15239
        • CX-CRL          MSN 15273
        • CX-CRM          MSN 15274
        • CX-CRN          MSN 15275

All are currently, as of this date, stored at Montevideo Carrasco airport in Uruguay.

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