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This is one in an ongoing series of articles on Winglets that will summarize past airlines and other operators of CRJ aircraft that are no longer in existence.

MyAir LogoMyAir – My Way Airlines S.r.l.

  • IATA Code: 8I
  • ICAO Code: MYW
  • Callsign: FRANKY
  • Low Cost Italian Airline
  • Operated 2004 – 2009
  • Number of CRJs Operated: 4 CRJ-900
  • Order placed for CRJ-1000s never delivered
MyAir Historical Route Map

MyAir Historical Route Map


MyAir was a low cost Italian airline that operated from December 14, 2004 until its closure on July 24, 2009. The airline operated a mix of aircraft including 12 A320s, one 737-300, two 737-400s, seven MD-82/83s and four CRJ-900s. MyAir’s main base was Orio al Serio Airport, near Milan Italy and the airline flew to a total of 27 destinations. The airline suffered from various financial difficulties as well as safety concerns that eventually forced the Italian aviation authority to close the airline. At the time of MyAir’s closure, the fleet consisted of the four CRJ-900s and three A320s. The CRJs were operated in a single-class configuration on short to medium length flight segments. Upon the closure of the airline, all CRJs were stored at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU) in Slovenia before moving onto their next operator.

Airports Served By CRJs

The following list is all of the airports served by MyAir. CRJs were operated to most of these destinations.

  • CMN – Casablanca, Morocco
  • RAK – Marrakech, Morocco
  • VIE – Vienna, Austria
  • BRU – Brussels, Belgium
  • SOF – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • BIA – Bastia, France
  • BOD – Bordeaux, France
  • LIL – Lille, France
  • ETZ – Mtez-Nancy, France
  • MRS – Marseilles, France
  • CDG – Paris, France – Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • ORY – Paris, France – Orly Airport
  • ATH – Athens, Greece
  • HER – Crete, Greece
  • JTR – Santorini, Greece
  • RHO – Rhoades, Greece
  • BRI – Bari, Italy
  • BLQ – Bologna – Bologna, Italy
  • BDS – Brindisi – Brindisi, Italy
  • CAG – Cagliari – Cagliari, Italy
  • CTA – Catania, Italy
  • FOG – Foggia, Italy
  • GOA – Genoa, Italy
  • BGY – Orio al Serio, Italy (Main Hub)
  • SUF – Lamezia Terme, Italy
  • LMP – Lampedusa, Italy
  • MXP – Milan, Italy
  • NAP – Naples, Italy
  • OLB – Olbia, Italy
  • PMO – Palermo, Italy
  • REG – Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • RMI – Rimini, Italy
  • FCO – Rome, Italy
  • TRN – Turin, Italy
  • VCE – Venice, Italy (Secondary Hub)
  • NCE – Monaco
  • AMS – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • BBU – Bucharest, Romania
  • BCN – Barcelona, Spain
  • IBZ – Ibiza, Spain
  • MAD – Madrid, Spain
  • PMI – Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • GVA – Geneva, Switzerland
  • SAW – Istanbul, Turkey

CRJs were also used as standby aircraft or flew extra sections as needed.

CRJ Fleet

MyAir operated a total of four Canadair Regional Jets in its fleet, all being CRJ-900 series aircraft. All aircraft were delivered new originally to Air One and then purchased by MyAir. All examples were taken on by Air Mekong of Vietnam when they left MyAir’s fleet:

MSN 15102           EI-DUU (To VN-A801)           CRJ-900

MSN 15103           EI-DUM (To  VN-A802)           CRJ-900

MSN 15110           EI-DUX (To  VN-A803)           CRJ-900

MSN 15112           EI-DUY (To  VN-A804)           CRJ-900

Before the airline ceased operations, MyAir held orders for a further 15 CRJ-900s which it converted to an order for 15 CRJ-1000 aircraft.


MyAir CRJ-900 MSN 15110 EI-DUX

MyAir CRJ-900 MSN 15110 EI-DUX


Before MyAir ceased operations, the airline had converted 15 orders for CRJ-900s to the, at that time, recently announced CRJ-1000 during February of 2007. As part of that announcement, an artist’s concept of a CRJ-1000 in MyAir colours was released by Bombardier. No deliveries of any CRJ-1000s to MyAir ever occurred.


Artist's Conception Artwork of a CRJ-1000 in MyAir Colours

Artist’s Conception Artwork of a CRJ-1000 in MyAir Colours

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