CRJ900 order book reduced by eight aircraft

Bombardier CRJ900NG

On July 31, 2013, Bombardier made a change to the company’s listed backlog of aircraft orders for the CRJ-900 aircraft.

Orders were reduced by eight aircraft when orders by an unidentified customer, or customers, were cancelled.

Bombardier has indicated orders for the CRI-900 from Delta Air Lines with 40 aircraft, the Iraqi Government with 4 aircraft, Tatarstan Aircompany with four aircraft as well, and Adria Airways with a single example. Reports are that the cancellations are from the Iraqi Government and Tatarstan Aircompany.

Tatarstan Aircompany placed an order for six CRJ-900s in 2007, but accepted delivery of only two, neither of which entered service with the company and are in service currently with Mesa Airlines in the United States.

The Iraqi Government ordered six CRJ-900s in March 2008 which were delivered between 2008-2011. It also placed a followup order for four more CRJ-900s in April 2008 which were produced but were not delivered and are stored currently at Montreal by Bombardier.

Adria Airways’ CRJ-900 order, placed in 2007, was originally a CRJ-1000, but was switched to a CRJ-900. The aircraft is not expected to ever see service with the airline.