Bombardier extends flight testing six months for CSeries

Bombardier_logoOn August 20th, 2013, it was reported that Bombardier received authorization from Transport Canada to extend the CSeries flight test program to May 2015, which would add six months to previous program schedules.

It also was noted on the authorization that first flight of the CSeries program will occur by the end of August 2013 as the program’s authorization shows information that the entire program is authorized from August 2013 until May 2015. As a result, there are some concerns that the initial in-service date for the CSeries will be delayed to the latter half of 2015.

While the initial first flight has been pushed back three times, Bombardier has said that initial service with airlines will occur within one year of the beginning of the flight test program. This would mean that the first aircraft to be operated should be in service by August 2014.

Bombardier has been quoted indicating that the extension to May 2015 would include the flight test program for the CS300, the 130-seat variant of the CS100. The CS300 is in its initial program stages, and is due to be in service one year after the CS100.

The CSeries program has conducted high-power and reverse-thrust engine tests and low-speed taxiing exercises of the CS100 flight-test vehicle at Mirabel. High-speed taxi runs are expected shortly and soon after the program’s first flight will occur.