Bombardier reports better than expected fuel economy on CRJ1000s

Bombardier Aerospace announced in a press release today that the CRJ1000 NextGen regional jet is achieving better than expected fuel burn.

Bombardier CRJ1000 Prototype

Bombardier CRJ1000 Prototype

According to Bombardier, the CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft is achieving a mission fuel consumption rate that is 4 per cent better than estimated. The additional savings in fuel burn results in an average annual savings of approximately $220,000 US per aircraft on a yearly basis. The improved fuel burn also directly results in a four per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to an average reduction of nearly 700 tons of greenhouse gases per aircraft, each year. The aircraft are also achieving six per cent greater range than previously advertised.

Since the aircraft’s entry into service in December 2010 by Brit Air and Air Nostrum, the airlines are reporting very high reliability of the aircraft, as shown by the aircraft’s 99.4 per cent dispatch reliability. Brit Air has ordered 14 CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft, while Air Nostrum has ordered 35.

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